Museums an Unending Source of Inspiration

Museums provide me with such joy and can spark inspiration in so many ways.  This weekend was about reconnecting to ART, knowledge, and getting the creative juices flowing.  Massachusetts is home to so many special places to expand your mind and to make you see things in a different light.  We explored Salem's amazing public art and the Peabody Essex Museum which was running a Georgia O'Keefe exhibit highlighting her clothing and personal style.  Seeing how she styled her outward appearance as well as her art was fascinating.

We also made a trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  I remember visiting here for a class field trip (many, many years ago). Although many of the rooms were still the same, I still got that feeling of excitement walking around the corner, of the anticipation and hope of what hidden gem we will find.  It should be no shock that cabinet of curiosities have been an inspiration in my work, and something I enjoy greatly.  The articulated skeletons, the variety of taxidermy, AMAZING glass botanical examples are all worth the trip.

IMG_9602 (2)changed.jpg



Glass flowers in the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  Mountain Laurel and a beautiful example of artistic craftsmanship.